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    Digital experience is huge when it comes to competing.

Digital experience is any interaction between your customers and your business using digital technology. Content writing for digital experience factors in all of the content your customer will see during their digital experience. For most people, digital experiences like online shopping, searching, using mobile apps and attending an e-learning class or other online event have become part of everyday life. 

The first thing to remember about digital experience is that your customers notice when you make things easier for them. For example, making sure information is easy to find and easy to read helps save time for your customers. Optimizing critical user flows such as online checkout gets the product to your customers faster. Customizing post-purchase campaigns helps them feel noticed and appreciated. All of these are examples of digital experience. 

Digital experience content may include any combination of:

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  • Website pages and blogs
  • SEO content including voice search
  • Accessibility content for AODA compliance
  • Email notifications and promotional emails
  • UX/UI content (microcopy)
  • Ecommerce content
  • Customer service and client success content
  • Product content
  • Training manuals for staff
  • Internal process mapping and process documentation (note: internal digital experiences for employees are important, too, because they help employees do their jobs more effectively and efficiently and help boost morale)

Whatever your digital experience looks like now, there are bound to be new ways to evolve it. That’s where I come in.

I love to help clients like you imagine and create. I’m passionate about finding cool new ways to improve total digital experience, and I’m excited about how digital journeys involving human-to-computer interactions can improve our everyday lives.

While there are many content writers in the world, there are fewer who specialize in content writing for digital experience and who have created holistic digital strategies for well-known brands in the U.S. and Canada. You see, I’m not just a writer. If you want to take an inclusive approach to improving your total digital experience, you can come to me.

Experiences are experiences, whether they’re digital or in-person. They dictate how customers feel about your brand. So why not show your customers how special they are by giving them the best digital experience at every touchpoint!

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