Writing web content is both an art and a science. The artistic side lets the inner writer shine through, while the scientific side finds ways to make the writing work twice as hard. That is, the writing itself becomes a magnet for visitors to discover.

Search engine technology can now deliver hyper-targeted search results based on real life behavior. What people like to read, watch, talk about, avoid, use, buy, see, do, where they like to go, what they want to see and how they spend their money is statistical information that is now available online for the vast majority of people. It is the job of a content writer to balance the art and science of web content.

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Is Web Content Copy Writing More Important than you Think?

What Is Great Web Content?

Great web content should be useful. It should inform and entertain. It should be easy to scan, easy to read and easy for search engines to find. The reader should walk away feeling enriched, ready to advocate your brand to friends and family.

To effectively tell your brand story and to attract more customers, spend time planning a web content strategy that encompasses the goals of your business. Then, set out to produce quality web content. It will stick with your readers and encourage sharing among your most loyal followers.

Why Professional Web Content Copywriting?

Web content copywriting is different from any other kind of marketing copywriting.  Because all content can be seen by both humans and search robots, it needs to serve a dual purpose.  Knowing how to write web content that both communicates effectively and is search friendly is a specialized skill only found among professional web content copywriters.

Effective web content copywriting plays pivotal role in increasing natural search traffic to your website. If you are looking for a silver bullet to double your unique visitors overnight, content is not the answer. Read my opinion about SEO-as-a -silver-bullet myth here. But if you are looking for a way to invest in your website that has long term benefits, look to web content.

Here are the top four reasons why you should employ professional web content copywriting:

Reason 1:  Increase Website Traffic

Increase traffic from organic search. All you have to do is give them something to talk about.

Reason 2: Increase Conversions

More traffic means more volume. Drive up sales, increase donations or attract leads with unique content built just for you.

Reason 3:  Raise Brand Awareness

Amplify your message to reach more people and start more conversations that lead to support of your brand.

Reason 4: You Don’t Have Time

Quality web content copywriting doesn’t come fast or easy. For this reason, small businesses and large businesses hire professional web content copywriters to create rich website content that demonstrates the correct tone and voice for the brand while speaking to the target audience and effectively serving as search content for both humans and search robots.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website with Web Content Copywriting

The best way to get a large amount of web content you can use to attract visitors to your website is to employ professional website content creation services. By hiring a web content creator, you’re getting someone who is experienced in web content creation, online content marketing, search engine optimization, magazine editorial, copywriting and all forms of digital marketing.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Content Creator

  1. Give your readers interesting and unique content they will enjoy reading.
  2. Get more natural search traffic.
  3. Increase brand awareness and reinforce your brand with great web content.

Search Engine Optimized Web Content Copywriting

The Internet is the new phone book.  Make it easy for people to find you by ensuring your web content is optimized for search.

Terminology for search engine optimization varies, but it all leads to the same outcome: targeted leads. Natural search traffic. Organic search traffic. SEO traffic. Regardless of semantics, you want to see an increase in total visitors to your website. And you want those visitors to become more. Whether you’re running an e-commerce website, a not for profit website, business to business website or any other, natural search traffic arriving from search engines effectively delivers the traffic you need. Local search technology now works better than ever to allow hyper-targeted traffic to arrive on your door step (or your homepage).