UX/UI Content Writing

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Previous Work

Hi, I’m India. I bring over 12 years of digital content writing experience including UX/UI content writing.


eBay is a global marketplace enabling people and businesses to buy and sell online. During my time at eBay, I wrote website content, UX/UI content and in-flow educational content for the organization’s Global Marketing and Communications team.

One of the projects I worked on was a yet-to-be-released set of features that will guide users on how to use some of the new selling tools that are available to business sellers on eBay.

Problem: The adoption of some of eBay’s new selling tools was too low.

Solution: My team and I wrote UX content to help guide eBay sellers within the Seller Hub interaction. By giving experiential guidance within Seller Hub – versus linking to a “help” page and taking users away from the experience we wanted them to engage in – adoption of the new selling tools and features were anticipated to increase to meet the expectations of the GTM plans laid out by Product Marketing.

Note: Because the new tools I worked on haven’t been released yet and are confidential information, I can’t show screen captures of the actual UX content. However, the image below shows eBay’s Seller Hub where the content I wrote will be presented once the new selling tools have been released.

Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is the nation’s leading not for profit environmental conservation organization. During my time at the Nature Conservancy, I wrote UX/UI content for the organization’s three websites, CRM and donation platform.

One of the projects I worked on involved the online charity catalog, GiftsofNature.ca, where users can send an e-card in exchange for a minimum donation amount.

Problems: The shopping cart abandonment rate was higher than industry average, and customer support was receiving too many phone calls and emails from users who were confused while trying to purchase an e-card. We determined that these problems were because the input form on the product page was confusing and needed adjustment. For example, the donor’s name fields, labeled “sender’s name”, were side-by-side with recipient info (person receiving the e-card) instead of stacked vertically. There was a separate field for first and last name for the sender, but not for the recipient. In addition, the “send date” was not a calendar picker but instead a text field.

Solution: I wrote new UX/UI content and proposed a new layout for the input fields on the product page, making it easier for donors to complete the info. I omitted all sender’s info because it would be input at checkout. I also added messaging to the top of the form area making it more clear who “recipient” is.

E-card product page and recipient info form.
Proposed improvement to e-card product page after re-writing form and adjusting layout.


Roadpost is a B2B and B2C satellite communications company. During my time there, I wrote UX/UI content for their mobile apps, desktop apps, user interface portals and e-commerce websites.

One of Roadpost’s products I worked on was GeoPro, a lone worker safety app.

Problem: The abandonment rate of new trail signups was too high. We needed to identify why potential customers were dropping off and brainstorm possible solutions.

Solution: Working with the product manager, I wrote new UX content that was added to the top and sides of the page. This gave the user a visual cue as to what step number they’re on and how many more there are to go. It also reinforced that the trial is free.

Outcome: These improvements reduced the abandonment rate by 20% and reduced the volume of phone calls to the customer support team.

GeoPro new trial signup screen
New trial signup screen for GeoPro lone worker safety SaaS solution.

Another project I worked on at Roadpost related to a Magento website replatform project.

Problem: We needed a more effective way to present selling content on Roadpost’s e-commerce websites. But content was not standardized and had to be managed manually, leading to ineffective strategies.

Solution: First I standardized all of the content. Then I worked with the product manager and our design agency to define CMS templates for each of the page types and content types. While some content blocks were to be static, others were to be dynamically populated with the right content based on what options the user has selected. So I defined each content block, labeled each content type and illustrated which blocks should display which content type. I also wrote small development stories to further assist in communicating technical requirements.

Outcome: The standardization, optimization, definition and identification of Roadpost’s content allowed the company to more easily manage the parameters/categorization assigned to content types within Magento CMS. It also allowed for easier ongoing management of content without requiring further assistance from a developer.

CMS wireframe of custom Magento e-commerce website.

Peavey Industries (Client)

Peavey Industries is the largest farm and ranch retail chain in Canada, operating Peavey Mart stores, Ace Hardware Canada, Mainstreet Hardware and formerly TSC Stores.

While working with Peavey Industries, I wrote UX/UI content to support a new feature designed to give customers more ways to buy online.

Problem: Users needed the ability to see available inventory by store and easily understand the difference between same-day pickup and ship-to-store availability timeframes.

Solution: I wrote user experience content that clearly communicates the quantity available at the user’s preferred store, whether same-day pickup is available, pick-up time of an item and how many were available at that location versus at the distribution centre.

Product page view of same-day pickup messaging and inventory by store.
Shopping cart view of same-day pickup messaging.

Tractor Supply Co.

Tractor Supply Co. is America’s leading farm and ranch retailer with over 2,000 stores across all states and an e-commerce website.

One of the projects I worked on was the design and launch of the website’s first ratings and reviews feature.

Problem: Although product ratings and reviews had been adopted by most online shoppers, user testing indicated Tractor Supply customers were less technically savvy than average.

Solution: UX/UI messaging was written to be overt and clear. Content guided the user through each step of the review submission process, and the journey was crafted to make the customer feel like a rock star for the achievement of completing his first product review. Next, automated emails were created as part of this journey which encouraged the customer to come back and write more reviews.

In addition to writing the content, I developed the implementation plan, proposing all of the locations on the website where ratings and reviews would be integrated.

My rollout plan included phases for internal and external user testing. I handled every aspect of the user testing, from writing test steps and expected outcomes, to identifying testers, prioritizing issues and analyzing results.

Product page showing ratings and reviews integration.

Outcome: One year after launching ratings and reviews, organic traffic and total sales increased. The Marketing department also began using customer reviews in promotional materials like printed ads, in-store signs and product packaging.

Agile Experience

Over the past 10 years, I have worked on several teams that practice Agile/Lean methodologies including sprint, kanban and continuous improvement.

I much prefer working in an Agile environment and believe it is the future of work. Agile not only allows teams to complete projects more effectively and efficiently, it also contributes to employee well being.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my previous work in UX/UI content writing.