Digital & UX Content Writing

User-centric content writing for websites, apps and other digital product enhancements.

Now more than ever, companies see the value in giving their guests a great experience, regardless of device type and accessibility needs. Our digital & UX content writing services offer a turnkey solution, helping companies achieve their business goals through digital experience.

Turnkey Solution

Our digital & UX content writing services are perfect for companies seeking a turnkey solution. From strategy to planning, creative writing and design to implementation, our data-driven strategies help companies achieve business goals through UX enhancements.

What is accessible content?

Accessible website content refers to written content that allows people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the content effectively. It ensures that individuals with visual, auditory, cognitive or physical impairments can access and use online information and services with ease.

When writing digital content that adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), there are three key considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Perceivable Content: Content should be presented in a way that all users can perceive it, regardless of their disabilities. This involves providing alternatives for non-text content such as images or videos, ensuring sufficient color contrast for text and visual elements and using clear and descriptive headings and labels. For example, using alt text for images allows screen readers to describe the image to visually impaired users.
  2. Operable Content: Content should be operable through various input methods and assistive technologies. This means designing content that can be easily navigated and interacted with using keyboard-only input or other input devices. Additionally, users should have enough time to read and interact with the content without time limits that might create barriers for individuals with disabilities.
  3. Understandable Content: Content should be clear, concise and easy to understand. This involves using plain language, avoiding complex jargon or technical terms and providing instructions or cues that assist users in completing tasks successfully. Structuring content with proper headings, subheadings and lists also improves comprehension and navigation.

By addressing these considerations, CX and DX leaders can ensure that their websites are equally accessible to all users. Adhering to ADA and WCAG guidelines promotes inclusivity, helps organizations meet legal requirements and provides equal opportunities for all individuals to access and benefit from online content and services.

Side note: Accessibility and SEO are distinct yet closely related concepts. Websites that adhere to accessibility best practices tend to receive higher rankings by search engines compared to websites that do not.

Examples of Digital & UX Content Writing

Digital & UX content writing services lend well to projects entailing digital innovation, digital marketing/marketing technology and new and enhanced software products, digital services, product features.

Often, there is overlap between digital/UX content writing and other areas such as design, product management, SEO, digital marketing and IT development. Company departments that are aligned on a shared set of goals may find synergies when working with UX content writers (and UX designers and strategists) who specialize in UX.

Examples of UX Content may include:

    1. User flows

    1. Accessibility and search content

    1. In-app content

    1. User interface and micro content

    1. UX content strategy documentation

How to start a digital/UX content writing project

We work with you to identify your goals, desired outcomes and any business problem you’re trying to solve for. We next align on KPIs (measurements) which will be used as a guide to measure success.

  • What changes in guest behavior will indicate you have solved the problem?
  • How will you define and track success?
  • What KPIs are available to you now, and which ones need to be established in order to implement your strategy?

These are just some of the things that should be considered when starting a new UX content writing project.

Can’t I just hire a regular copywriter?

Yes, you could hire a regular copywriter, but a digital/UX content writer will be able to contribute more meaningfully to the project with limited oversight because they’re already familiar with digital content/UX best practices and all aspects of projects entailing digital anything.

What’s the difference between UX content writing and digital content writing?

UX content writing and digital content writing are related but distinct concepts. While they share similarities in terms of creating content for digital platforms, they have different focuses and goals.

Unlike digital content writing, user experience (UX) content writing services and UX content strategy focus on crafting content that enhances the overall user experience on a website, app or other digital product.

Aspects of ​​UX content writing:

    • Specifically focuses on crafting content that enhances the overall user experience on a website, app or other digital product

    • Involves creating content that is user-centric, easy to understand and guides users through their interactions with the product

    • Includes headings, labels, buttons, error messages, tooltips and other elements that users interact with while navigating a digital product

    • Ensures users can easily understand and use the product, leading to a positive user experience