Writing feature articles for online magazines and blogs is much like writing for a traditional print publication. While the migration from print to digital has brought lots of change in terms of how companies spend their marketing budget and how people consume that content, people will always enjoy a good read.

Become a Publisher

Starting a lifestyle blog, business blog or a custom publication is a great way for a company to tell the brand story while engaging users and possibly boosting traffic.
Online feature articles can highlight special customers, focus on industry news, recent events related to the company or business and many other topics. Articles can be in the form of blog posts or press releases, both beneficial to generating social buzz. Press releases are especially beneficial when they are syndicated out to all the appropriate news and publication channels. This is a standard service offered by many Public Relations agencies.
Advice articles and how-to’s have become popular among e-commerce websites.

Why Write Feature Articles?

Feature articles online are ultra-consumable, meaning people browse, locate and digest the content while on the go – usually on a mobile device. This has two implications:
  1. To meet an increasing demand for content, companies must produce more content, faster.
  2. The content must be of a quality that meets or exceeds that of the content being published by your competitors.
Story-form business features (online articles) can inspire and entertain even the most ad-averse consumers.  While they are busy overlooking a sea of online ads, they will be zeroing in on the content that matters most to them.

What if My Business Isn’t ‘Sexy’ Enough for Content Marketing?

Let’s clear it up right off the bat:  All brands can be marketed online using content marketing.  Regardless of whether you are raising money for a good cause or selling odd-sized pipe fittings, there are oodles of opportunities to market your services, product and brand using content marketing techniques.
features-featured-imageIn recent years, some of the most well-known magazine publishers have turned to online content to produce additional streams of advertising revenue.  Publishers and content distribution networks have brought web content marketing to the forefront of discussions and observations about best practices of SEO and how to leverage this holy grail of “free” online marketing.
Publishing networks also form partnerships with businesses looking to increase awareness of their product or service.  When this happens, hiring a professional web content writer can save time and valuable resources.
Because e-magazines serve two purposes:  to entertain readers and to attract natural search traffic, some of the best online magazines have become synonymous with web content marketing and the best web content writing.

Why Write Featured Web Content?

As smart phones and mobile devices become more affordable, printed magazines will become less of a focus for publishers as more people adopt the digital channel as their go-to method of consuming feature article content.  This means the demand for online content will continue to rise.
Because the web has become a primary source of site traffic and subscriptions for online magazines or web content marketers, many publishers and marketers have shifted towards web content to deliver the same types of feature stories found in the print editions of magazines.

Benefits of Writing Web Content Features

How do featured web articles help your business?
  • Provide an interesting way for customers to interact with your brand.
  • Position yourself as the “expert” or “thought leader” in your line of business.
  • Saturate the web by being the first search result for your target keywords.
  • Lead visitors into a conversion funnel.
  • Reinforce your brand’s message by syndicating content to other websites.
  • Increase ad revenue potential with more unique visitors and/or average time on page.
Web content is more than just SEO content.  SEO gurus may help you get ranked higher, but if your human customers are visiting your site and not finding your content to be either helpful or entertaining, they will quickly leave.
Striking a balance between SEO content and the type of web content writing humans enjoy reading is what the art of SEO is all about.  With over 12 years of experience in web content writing for content marketing and SEO, our goal at .iSC is to produce unique, informative and entertaining web writing your customers, subscribers and visitors will want to read.