Is Your Web Content Strategy Holistic?

An effective web content strategy should leverage the synergies that can be found among the digital ecosystem.  Like any other ecosystem on earth, digital marketing channels can work together to accomplish more than the sum of their parts.

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A marketing strategy should be holistic.

SEO is a good example. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t one “thing.” Instead, it’s a concept that involves many different things working together which may impact search rankings.

New content alone may not increase website traffic. Read more about my opinion on that here. To increase the power of new content, a company’s website benefits the most when the company as a whole has co-created and embraced an omni-channel marketing strategy that includes web content creation and a long list of other tactics often employed by organizations to produce sales or generate leads.

By embracing a holistic marketing strategy, companies can allow that strategy to inform their content production priorities. This takes away the question of what content to produce (because you want to avoid production for production’s sake) and drives the creation of organic content that is the most authentic to the brand or organizational culture.

Think of your content strategy as your very own digital circle of life.


Web content strategy elements are interrelated and exist as a sort of web ecosystem.

Elements of a web content strategy and how they are interrelated within the ecosystem of the internet.