• Content Marketing Services

Our content marketing services can help you produce the content that will fuel your next content marketing campaign.

We have created marketing assets and content marketing strategies for organizations in various industries.

Content Marketing Services Include:

  • Content writing services
  • Social media marketing services
  • Email marketing services
  • Digital marketing campaign management
content marketing for spas and resorts
Spas and Resorts make a perfect business model to support a content marketing program.
zen garden path
Create a path users will follow that leads to the desired behavior.

Example of Content Marketing

Just because an organization isn’t in the business of publishing content doesn’t mean content publishing is off limits. In fact, more businesses are self-publishing now than ever before.

Take, for example, this Natural Spa Resort. In a sea of competition, the marketing manager needed a way to not only draw attention to their world class services, but also let people know about the health benefits of mineral bath therapy. This way, the business can target BOTH: those looking for spa resorts and those interested in learning about natural health.

Aware versus Non-Aware

When identifying a target (or group of targets), this spa considered two groups as their primary targets:

Aware Patrons

Patrons who regularly visit spas make up half of all business. These people may be experienced spa patrons who are already aware of the health benefits of natural mineral spas. Their objective in searching online is to find exciting new spas they have never been to before.

Non-Aware Potential Patrons

Non-Aware readers were thought to represent a large portion of potential guests.  By targeting people who are not necessarily looking for spas but may be browsing online articles about natural health treatments, the spa realized this opportunity and turned it into real sales. While these customers were not in the market for spa services per se, they were drawn in by the content’s inspirational qualities.  “Check out the top five most amazing outdoor spa destinations.  Browse photos.  And by the way, here’s a link to this one really great spa offering package deals.”

By participating in content creation and content marketing, this spa is generating more interest and driving more revenue.

See more examples of how small businesses have used content marketing.

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    Benefits of Content Marketing Services

    • Target content to a specific audience
    • Strengthen your brand’s online presence
    • Build traffic, increase sales and achieve goals
    • Produce the right content, at the right time
    • Create cohesive content marketing strategies
    • Improve efficiency in campaign execution and asset management

    What is Content Marketing?

    Content Marketing is the use of content such as written content, images and videos to attract a target audience. Brands or marketing organizations use content marketing services to achieve a goal or set of goals.

    Content Creation Services Versus Content Marketing Services

    Merely creating the content is not enough. After an article has been written or a video has been produced, that piece of content becomes an asset to the company who owns it. Now it can be used as part of a marketing campaign or to build a body of content that establishes a website as an authority.

    By publishing marketing content to the company website, blog sites and social media pages, companies can gain more followers attract new visitors. Pro Tip: measure how effective each piece of content is at attracting the target audience, and work to improve the next round of campaigns.

    Online pet store how-to landing page
    Example of content marketing for retail.
    • Content Writing Services for Web and Print


    Copywriting for web content optimized for search using best SEO practices.
    Deliverables may include file(s) containing written content which has been approved by the client.

    Web Content Writing

    Writing web content is both an art and a science. The artistic side lets the inner writer shine through, while the scientific side finds ways to make the writing work twice as hard.

    Content Marketing

    We engage in a full range of Content Marketing Services Strategies. We can also help to measure the success of a Content Marketing program to help our client better understand their target audience.

    • Social Media Marketing Services

    Social Media Content Creation and Management

    Social media is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to any content marketing strategy. It also contributes positively to your website’s search ranking. 
Amplify your online presence with social media content.

    We manage all phases of social media content creation and administration, including social media content calendar, writing social media posts, curating content, scheduling, analysis and more.

    • Email Marketing Services

    Email Marketing Services

    We can help you manage your email marketing campaigns by producing targeted direct marketing content. We can also help with list segmentation, email marketing template design and ESP administration.

    • Digital Marketing Campaign Management

    Digital Marketing Campaign Management Services

    Content marketing programs often have a wide reach, impacting various channels within a marketing organization. The best content marketing campaigns leverage other marketing campaigns, and organizations work to create tie-in’s and opportunities to use content assets to fuel new and existing marketing campaigns.

    We can help you with a variety of digital marketing campaign tasks, including content marketing efforts, social media marketing and more.

    • Bundled Services vs. À La Carte Services

    Bundled Services

    Bundled website content creation services are best for businesses needing a variety of content creation and digital marketing help. Maybe you require more hands-on assistance with strategy, planning, execution and analysis. Maybe you want to ensure consistency among various marketing campaigns, especially omni channel marketing. Choosing bundled services offers flexibility at a great value.

    À La Carte Services

    À la carte services are hourly and are best for companies with smaller projects or who require ad hoc assistance.

    Both bundled and à la carte website content creation services can be customized, giving you a perfect mix of the exact services you need most. Choose from a variety of content marketing services, WordPress website design services or graphic design services.

    Bundled services may be right for you if:

    • You need assistance with a variety of tasks
    • You want a single source for all website content creation
    • You want integrated marketing programs

    À la carte services may be right for you if:

    • You need assistance with specific tasks
    • You need flexibility in your marketing budget
    • You aren’t looking for managed services

    The History of Content Marketing Services

    Although we now think of content marketing as an emerging field within digital marketing, content marketing has been around for a long time. Traditional magazine advertisers realized a greater response from ‘advertorials’, or ads that read like magazine articles. Only when you get to the end and see “This is an advertisement” may you realize you’ve been reading an ad all along.

    Although some ‘advertorials’ may have been a bit deceptive in the past, today the best content marketing is totally transparent. Because consumers have come to expect well-known brands to produce their own publications, many loyal brand followers now look forward to new content – even though they’re fully aware that the brand itself is doing the publishing.

    Look books, how-to guides, advice blogs, business blogs, learning centers – all can be considered custom content. Once produced, content marketing is used to disseminate the content, using it to attract more visitors, create brand loyalty and generate buzz.

    Custom Content Marketing Services for Businesses

    Content marketing is not limited to magazine publishers. Retailers, B2B companies, not for profit organizations and companies of all size now have the ability to produce content that is highly tailored for specific audiences. With advances in technology, self-publishing business content has never been more affordable.

    Feeding the Beast

    To fulfill users’ insatiable appetite for fresh, new content, publishers and businesses are in greater need of professional web content creation and marketing services. Relevant feature stories, advice articles, how-to guides, shopping and buying guides, fun surveys and interactive website features can be tailored to speak to target customers in all the right ways.