blog landing page for e-commerce websiteAmplifying website content is like cranking up the volume so that more people can hear your message. From ensuring meta data is present to fully leveraging social media and content marketing, there are many ways to amplify website content.

Tactics for amplifying website content vary from company to company and depend on factors such as company objectives, website objectives and marketing budget, to name a few. If you want to do all that you can to amplify your website content, its a good idea to have a process, or series of steps, that should be completed every time a new piece of content is published.

To meet your business goals, create web content that will inform your customers and allow you to fully support your mission.  Some types of content to consider include:

  • Business blogs (blog set-up, maintenance, writing and training)
  • Personal blogs (set-up, maintenance, writing and training)
  • Social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram and more)
  • Search content (SEO writing) using target keywords
  • Copywriting and copy editing
  • Keyword-rich custom web content
  • E-commerce product descriptions
  • Brand and category landing pages

How to Leverage Existing Content

One piece of content (an article, a video or an entire experience) can be amplified using channels, or modes of online marketing. Depending on the shelf life of the content, users may benefit from the content for years to come, giving the website a solid foundation among its users of trust as a legitimate source of information.

Content creation is the first step in content marketing. Unlike other types of online marketing, the time and effort you put into creating marketing content can result in added value elsewhere. To leverage all the channels available to a company, many turn to full blown content marketing efforts. This helps turn those ‘one-and-done’ marketing programs into lasting initiatives that engage users and that provide fodder for marketers to use in future campaigns.

So much of the time, refreshing a website’s content is done as an afterthought, resulting in sub-par quality and a lack of focus. By having an asset library of existing content in the form of written content and images a marketer can pull from, a company can save time and cost while presenting the very best marketing programs it can do.